Good News Bears (pics included)


An email update from Pastor Nando:

Hi Team!

What a great time we had this afternoon with great friends trying the best we can while having the time of our lives.

Great Job to: First Timers Award Sarina, Cheryl and Davin. You guys did marvelous!

New Shoes Awards Sarina & Nick (she went shopping with a sense of urgency before the game). Lilia & Pastor Nando (thanks to the Torricers for the gifts) Stan you didn’t have to baptize my shoes with MUD, but I do look more of a threat 🙂

Over-the-Hill Injury AwardsLilia, Small Grant, Nickki – Leg pulls – Need more stretching before the game 😦 Get losts of rest!

Best Cheers from the Stands/ChairsJosie, Paul, Lorraine (she’s joining the team), Scotty, Melvena, Matthew, Natalie, Paul, Kyle, Cory, and all the kids. We appreciate you laughing at/with us while cheer for us (and the other team).

OOPS AwardRobert – Love your reaction…Priceless!

Get Out of My Way Award – Nadine, Tyler, Tiny, Stan – Don’t want to get in front of them unless you have a death wish!

Big Threat Award Big Grant, Ryan, Me(?) only joke 🙂

Excessive Celebration AwardLilia (as usual, even when injured), Mindy, Sarina, Lorraine – nothing to add…

Small But Mighty Award– Janessa (weighs less than my shoes, but can throw pretty hard)

Best Coaching StaffTiny & Steve – Thanks for your positive coaching and inspiration!

Love you guys and seeing you enjoying each other. We not the best players, but we have the best team!!!!!!!


…And thanks Scotty for the pictures.

See more pictures of Flickr


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