Pray for Caleb

“On March 6, 2007 Caleb Kamakana was found at the bottom of the pool at our home. No one knew he had gone outside to play. Brandon was taking care of Micaiah in the bedroom, trying to put him to sleep. Kehau was at her Women’s Bible Study. It is known that he was not breathing for at least 40 minutes. The doctors told Brandon at the ER that he was dead. Brandon did not believe it and rushed to his side where he prayed and called out to God. Soon after, the paramedics said, “We’ve got a pulse.” God had spared his little life and performed a miracle right before everyone’s eyes. This has been a tough test of faith and quite a journey but our faith only gets stronger and stronger as each day passes and we are able to see God’s miracle in progress. The first week was rough but he overcame all that the doctors thought he wouldn’t. He continues to improve day by day but we BELIEVE that he will restore Caleb to his 100% self. Read the blogs to see Caleb’s progress daily and God’s amazing work in our lives as well as others. We pray that his story will touch your life and you will see the GLORY OF GOD! God Bless you!”

That is the story of Caleb, the story that Auntie Stella shared this morning. If you’d like to learn more about Caleb, or help relieve the burden of some financial needs, visit his blog:

And please be remember to keep Caleb in your daily prayers.


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